Creating the Morning Cup

Posted By On 21 Jul 2014

Coffee – there is no better nectar on earth for me. And my morning routine is somewhat ritual – so I thought this would be a great subject to highlight while testing out Rebecca’s filters – and give you an idea on how I make my morning up of Joe. Coffee is only as good […]

Testing the Leica M3 at the Farm

Posted By On 17 Jul 2014

To test-drive my new Leica M3, I took it down to the Audubon Center down on the lake. By pure luck, they were having a “Farm Day” at the center and had quite an array of old tractors on display. They just begged to be shot on film! I also spent some time walking through […]

Creating a Photoblog

Posted By On 25 Jun 2014

  I’ve had a handful of emails over the years asking for tips in starting a photoblog. While it’s not rocket science, it does take some planning to make your blog stand out from the masses out there. In this quick guide, I will show you a handful of available platforms, weigh the pros and […]

(De)Evolution of my Photography

Posted By On 18 Jun 2014

Cameras and cars.  I change them both out very often – but I think my latest batch of each is here to stay for some time. For the car, a little BMW 328xi BMW 535i xDrive. For the cameras, the Leica ME, M2 and M3. But while my cars tend to move forward in technology, my […]